The Dacian Wolf a brand image for Romania , ENGLISH VERSION no 167

Romania will chair the presidency of the European Union in 2019. For this occasion the Ministry of European Affairs organized a contest, in order to find a symbol to represent our country. The winner is a graphic creation of the Dacian Wolf.

The Dacians, the ancient tribes living on the territory of nowadays Romania, had been conquered by the Romans in 106 AC. The old legends say they used to go in battles, running on the fields with strange flags, formed by the head of a wolf and something looking like the tail of a dragon. When the wind was blowing these used to produce terrifying sounds, similar to the howling of the wolves, to frighten the enemies.

CĂLIN ILE – the new coordinator of Ibis in Romania

Călin Ile, the director of Ibis Gara de Nord Hotel, is the new coordinator of the four Ibis hotels in Romania. He takes the places of Ioan David, which ended his contract in the fall of 2018.The four properties – Ibis Gara de Nord and Parlament in Bucharest, Ibis Sibiu and Ibis Constanța – total up 761 rooms. The number of properties is in a continuous development, the Ibis Style brand showing up in Arad and the Capital city. Călin was the executive director of Ibis Gara de Nord from 2001to 2004, and then moved to run the Constanța location (2004-2008), in order to come back to the position in Bucharest 10 years ago. For the last three years Călin Ile has been activating also as the president of the Romanian Hotels Organization (FIHR).

DEMETRIADE is the 9th president of ANAT

“In the last 20 years we have been going through many transition periods in travel and tourism. All the way we have hoped, together with the leaders of the association, in an improvement of the local travel business, in the creation of positive laws, in the growth of ANATs prestige and in gaining the respect of institutional partners.” – said Nicolae Demetriade with the occasion of his naming as president of the National Association of Travel Agencies in Romania (ANAT).

Demetriade is currently the general director of World Travel (company that represents in Romania Fly Dubai, Emirates and several cruise brands) and, after the elections, becomes the 9th President of ANAT, for a two years turn.

Having a vast experience in travel Nicolae Demetriade occupied several leading positions in TAROM (national carrier) and was also the founder of Happy Tour – company that he sold to the Spanish GED Investment Fund in 2007.

InterContinental comes with INDIGO

InterContinental announced the opening in Romania of the first hotel under the Indigo brand. Due to be operational at the end of 2018, the complex will be a nearly 10 million euro investment, in the heart of the Capital City. Indigo is a boutique hotels brand and the property in Bucharest is going to be rated 4 stars plus.

The location of the new hotel had been initially prepared for the grand project of The Vendome Palace & Galerie but, as a result of the financial crisis, it was converted into having a new function. Bringing on the market about 100 rooms, the hotel is projected to have 5 floors and three levels underground.

BLUE AIR: Otopeni – Palma de Mallorca

The largest Romanian carrier, Blue Air, opened a new flight from Bucharest to Palma de Mallorca. It will start June 16th and go through the summer season, until September 15th, 2018.

The flight will take 3 hours and 20 minutes and is scheduled every Wednesday and Saturday. Tickets are now priced according to the new standards and promoted packages – Light, Classic and Premium – and can be bought on-line using the new portal

Blue Air will operate another flight to Palma de Mallorca, starting June 2nd, but this time, from Liverpool.

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