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DOINA CONSTANTINESCU – General Manager of Convexus 2000 Impex Srl

Born in Cluj-Napoca, February 23rd, 1953. Graduate of “Unirea” College in Târgu Mureş, generation 1972. Actor till 1978 at the Puppet Theatre in Târgu Mureş, participating in several tournaments in India, Pakistan, Iran, Jordan, Hungary etc. Graduated the Academy of Socio-political Sciences in Bucharest in 1989.

In 1992 she creates SC CONVEXUS 2000 Impex Srl. The company, having an editorial and advertising profile, reaches in 2000 in the Top 10 profile companies in sector no. 1, list made by The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bucharest, member of CCIR.

Doina launches and coordinates several editorial collections, finally specializing on tourism press and books. She sustains along the years the economic and professional development of the company, its editors participating in various national and international tourism related events. One of the most important ones is the business-tourism fair International POW WOW in USA. The publishing house has been participating through its products in the POW WOW, as a guest and approved partner, since 1999. Due to the professional quality of TRAVELLER MAGAZIN, the product was nominee in The International Travel media Gala of POW WOW in 2007.

Doina has been managing numerous promotion and publicity accounts for national and international clients. She is a founder member of the Tourism Press Club – FIJET Romania. Together with her husband, the writer Marian Constantinescu, she is a honourific citizen of Baton Rouge and Dallas (USA).

She fluently speaks English, French, Italian and Hungarian.


Marian Constantinescu was born April 24th,1953, in Bucharest. Graduated “Aurel Vlaicu” College (1972) and continued studies for a degree in Journalism. Worked in Agerpres, Tineretul Liber, Curierul Naţional, Ziua, being reporter, editor, department editor, editor in chief, promoting manager. He published poetry, prose, literary commentaries in the following magazines: România Literară, Luceafărul, Contemporanul, Convorbiri Literare, Cronica, Vatra, Săptămâna, Flacăra, Suplimentul literar artistic al Scânteii Tineretului etc.

Marian Constantinescu is the writer of 10 books: “Efigii în cronica prezentului (antology of reports, Editura Sport-Turism – 1989); “Ştafeta continuă” (Editura Eminescu – 1989); “Dirijorul de lebede – întâlniri cu Oleg Danovski” (Editura Muzicală – 1990), the Literature Prise of Crescent Foundation in 1990; “Paradisul de piaţă” (poems, Editura Convexus 2000 – 1993); “Piaţa Universităţii – Cine a trişat?” (Editura Convexus – 1995); “Regina nopţilor” (Editura Convexus – 1996), “În turism e vremea lupilor tineri” (Editura Convexus – 1997), obtaining the AJTR prize in 1997, “Turismul – a cincea roată la căruţă” (Editura Convexus – 2003), “În căutarea lupilor tineri – după 10 ani” (Editura Convexus – 2008) – ANAT prize in 2009, “Cine lasă uşile deschise în turism!”, (Editura Convexus – 2009). In 2009, 2011 & 2012 the author received the statues and TOSCAR prizes for “Best Travel Author”, „Best Travel Partner”, offered by Travelport international company.

In September 1997 Marian Constantinescu and Convexus 2000 Publishing house launched on the Romanian media market „Ziua Turistică” – the first professional tourism weekly newspaper. In a partnership with „Ziua” the so called „green supplement” appeared for five years, each Thursday and then in a full-colour format, each Saturday. „We had the ambition of continuing a tradition. The one started by the Italian Luigi Cazzavillan, the producer of the first and most durable weekly travel supplement in Romania, named „Ziarul căletoriilor şi al întemplărilor de pe mare şi uscat”. It appeared from 1884 up to 1946. Consequenly „Ziua Turistică” is the second weekly publication of its kind in Romania.”

„Ziua Turistică” created a stile, a travel specialized communication forum, young journalists that became editors. Many of the articles converted into bibliography for books of the Academy of Economic Sciences in Bucharest.

In April 2004 Marian Constantinescu and Convexus 2000 launched on the market a new product: „Traveller Magazin”. Shortly, the magazine faced a great success on the specialized market. In 2007 it became subject of analisys in a book edited by The Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences of the Bucharest University.

The books of the author and the editorial projects received 17 national and international distinctions, such as: prizes of the Ministry of Tourism (1998, 2001, 2002 and 2003), prizes of The Association of Travel Writers in Romania (AJTR), 1997 to 2004, ANAT, TOSCAR – „Best Travel Author” – by Travelport in 2009, distinctions of several organizations like RCB, ANTREC, Romexpo etc.

Marian is one of the most valued tourism and travel editors in Romania. He activated in The Association of Travel Writers in Romania (AJTR). In 2008 he became a founder member of the Tourism Press Club, being a member of The International Federation of Journalist and Travel Writers – FIJET.


Born in Bucharest, graduates the „Aurel Vlaicu” College (2001), the The Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences of the Bucharest University (2005). Speciality studies at Midsveden University, Sweden (2004). Second degree in History of Arts (2009).

Author of two specialized studies: “Istoria presei de turism din România” (2005), and “Producţia unei reviste. Strategii editoriale în presa specializată.” – antology, Editura Universităţii din Bucureşti (2006). Starting 2003 she has been activating as a journalist in TRAVELLER MAGAZIN, nowadays leading the International Department.

Licensed tourism guide Sinziana is as well associated teacher in THR – CG, speaking fluently Spanish, English, French, and Italian and always enjoying Swedish. Working with several Romanian and International companies (Grand Circle Travel Cruises USA, Olimpic International, Danco Pro, Millenium, Dagecom Travel Services, C&D Partners, Prestige Tour, Dal Travel, ONT Carpaţi, Getica Turism, Romantic Travel etc.) Sinziana extensivey travelled in Romania and abroad, covering various destnations: Italy, France, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Tunisia, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia, UAE, Egipt, Greece, Russia, Poland, Ukrain, Turkey, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Japan, China etc.

Prize for the best Spanish guide, offered by the ANAT incoming division (2004) and Excellence Prize of Invitation Romania (2008).