How Romantic is Bucharest?, ENGLISH VERSION nr. 153

The specialists from TravelBird studied 85 destinations worldwide, in order to find out how… romantic and inspiring for travelers they are. The Capital of Romania is in the top 20 for the number of romance inspired Google searches per 100,000 citizens.
Bucuresti Romantic engl

TravelBird calculated the Inspirational Rank of each of the 85 cities, factoring in performing arts companies, art schools, art galleries, museums, music production facilities, film industry facilities and startups seeking funding located within the city. They also ranked each location by the number of Google searches for romance-focused keywords (like romantic areas or dinners), in the native language, in each location. Bucharest came 67th in the Inspirational Cities Ranking, 48th in the winter cities ranking, and 55th in the summer cities ranking.  

The study shows that the 10 most inspiring cities worldwide are: Miami, Bruges, San Francisco, Bristol, Reykjavik, Santiago de Compostela, Salzburg, Zurich, Heidelberg and Florence.

Inked in Bucharest!?

According to the survey of the Video retail app YEAY Bucharest is rated in the top 30 most affordable and accessible places in the world to have a tattoo done.
Tatuaj engl

The Capital city of Romania is ranked 26th for accessibility, with 0.80 parlors per 100,000 citizens and an hourly average cost of €45 to be inked. Bucharest is the 12th most affordable city in the Index and ranks the 5th lowest for tattoo tourism. This compares to the most affordable city Colombo at €20 per hour and the most expensive city San Francisco at €250.

YEAY have created a ranking analyzing how the world perceives and buys tattoos in 2016 and Bucharest is the only city in Central and Eastern Europe included in the top results. n Bucharest, 3% of the tattoos are purchased by tourists, whilst 10% are purchased as gifts.


Romania at the European Young Chef 2016

Romania was one of the 10 finalists at The European Young Chef Award Contest held this year in Catalonia – Spain. Having as goals the promotion of innovations on traditional cuisine, showing the world sustainable food cultures and creating future ambassadors for local food products, the contest challenged the skills but also the imagination and power of storytelling of the competitors.
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Daniel Joarza participated on behalf of Sibiu (Romania) – European Region of Gastronomy 2019 with the dish “Ham cock with beans”. The winner of the competition was Stamatios Misomikes from South Aegean region, Greece with his dish: “Salas, the joyness of a birth.”

The European Young Chef Award is promoted by the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Art and Tourism (IGCAT), in the event participating chefs aged 18 to 28.


CALEA VICTORIEI: The golden road of iconic hotels

Many researchers and historians picture the 1930 as a golden era of the Capital city of Romania, Bucharest – nicknamed at the time Little Paris. Boosting with palaces made by French architects, parks and churches, the city had a vibrant life, and just about 85 hotels.
Retro carte engl

Nicolae Lupu, teacher at the Academy of Economic Studies and Ion C. Rogojanu, retired from the hotel industry and a great collector, have put together a booklet named ”Contributions to the Illustrated history of tourism from a hotel archive ”. It is a walk on Calea Victoriei, the central and historical bulevard of the city, extended to the Opera Square and the surrounding little streets and gardens of the famous street. The collection photographs picture hotels of the time (some of them stil standing today) like Continental, English, Esplanade Palace, Splendid, High Life, Elysee, Union, Metropol, Luvru, Grand Hotel de Boulevard, Athenee Palace, Majestic, Imperial, Hanu lui Manuc, and the historical confectioneries Capșa and Nestor.

Bucharest Christmas Market 2016

The Capital city of Romania has this year not only some of the most beautiful Christmas decorations in Europe but also a splendid Christmas Market. For the first time in the history of its tradition the Bucharest Christmas Market was opened in the very large Constitution Square, in front of one of the most recognizable buildings of the city, the Romanian Parliament.
Craciun engl

The fair was divided in several sections, showcasing over 100 wooden huts with goodies and gifts, an ice-skating ring, mini-train, carousel, and a generous area dedicated to traditional Romanian cuisine. One can taste specialities such as „sarmale”, „cozonac”, „placinta” and get the blood pumping with some special hot wine or „tuica” brandy. Week-ends, in the evening, the market is liten up also by the music and voices of great Romanian modern and traditional artists and bands alike, such as: Iris, Ştefan Hruşcă, Doiniţa, Căluşarii Slatinii, etc.

The fair will be opened daily 10 to 22, untill december 30. Enjoy your visit and Merry Christmas everyone!

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