Near Steaua Stadium in Ghencea district, Bucharest, a 5-star hotel has been inaugurated. The objective of Premier Palace Hotel&Spa, part of Premier Palace group, is to provide combined services. The owner Marian Dumitru declared that the investment reaches 10 million EURO, it offers 82 rooms. But the strong point of it is „Premier Spa, the first concept of Health Spa from Bucharest, occupying a area of 3.000 square metres. The complex has 20 treatment cabinets for the special needs and desires of care and fitness of our clients regardless the age.” We provide here medical treatments of recovery, relaxation an care, holistic treatments, for the release of daily stress, restoration of energetic balance etc. They rely on the five worlds of “wellness” – water, heat, beauty, movement and relaxation.

The hotel includes as well a local with around 220 places (”The Premier Palace restaurant has an ultra-elegant design, with stained glasses and columns coated with onyx) and a conference hall with a capacity of 170 persons. The technical facilities are ultra modern. For the business meetings and customised events, the complex provides two stylish and private spaces: Piano Bar or Sky wine bar&lounge.

Gold for Sirena Dunării

The famous produces Vinarte obtained the Gold Medal for the wine Sirena Dunării 2001 (Danube Siren 2001), on the prestigious competition Vinalies Internationales 2013. The product, a sweet Riesling, was bottled at Stârmina wine celler, it is brightly clear, of dark gold yellow colour, with amber reflexes. Vinalies Internationales is a competition initiated and organised in Paris by Union des Oenologues de Frances and it is managed by OIV (Organization Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin). On the recent edition, one tasted and evaluated over 3.300 wines in the entire world.

The Aviation Museum is a historical monument 
The National Museum of Romanian Aviation was included in the category of historical monuments with patrimony value, announced the Association “Aripi Româneşti” (“Romanian Wings”), the Centre of Resources for Public Participation, the Foundation Cpt. Aviator Hero Alexandru Şerbănescu and the Association “Salvaţi Bucureştiul” (“Save Bucharest”). It was materialised pursuant to a long advocacy campaign related to the saving from destruction of the Aviation Museum “Aripi Româneşti” (“Romanian Wings”), the campaign initiator, with other 20 non-governmental organisations, managed to obtain the inclusion in the category of historical monuments, Assembly category, of five parts within the National Museum of Romanian Aviation: administrative building, main building of the museum, the library and the 2 and 3 sheds – declared Magdalena Râşnoveanu, head of Communication and PR Department of the Association “Aripi Româneşti” (“Romanian Wings”).
The Romanian Aviation Museum was incorporated in 1990 based on the Decision of Romanian government “in order to glorify the illustrious predecessors of Romanian aviation and the reintegration in the national patrimony of the prestigious achievements in the aeronautic field” and it is under the suborder of the Minister of National Defence and the Civil Aviation Department. In October 2010 the institution received the title of museum of national importance and the name of National Museum of Romanian Aviation.

CNAB – ACI Airport Excellence Safety Review certification

The Bucharest Airports National Company (CNAB) has become the first airport company Airport Excellence Safety Review certified, being acknowledged as well, as strategic contributor to the Airport Excellence program. APEX will promote the most modern procedures and air safety standards in the worldwide airports. The process was performed by the Airport Excellence Safety Review mission, by experts of Airports Council International, in partnership with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). With the „Safety Partner” certification of ACI Airport Excellence program, CNAB will participate to international missions of airport audit. The first air safety audits to be performed by the Company will concern the Chennai and Ahmadabad airports from India.
The Bucharest Airports National Company (CNAB) registered in 2012 an overall income of around 610 million lei, 15% higher than in 2011. The passenger traffic on both airports (Otopeni and Băneasa) has increased to 7.547.465 passengers, 1.33 more opposite to 2011.

USA TODAY: Romania is a touristic jewellery

The editors of the magazine USA Today drafted a top ten destinations that worth to be seen by American tourists. Romania is included as well. Our country is presented as hidden touristic jewellery. It provides a fascinating medieval atmosphere and touristic stations on the Black Sea which are not crowded. One may see the beautiful towns from the sea coast which are less expensive comparatively to the high prices practiced in the Western Europe, it is mentioned in the documentary published. The other destinations recommended to the Americans for trips are: Thailand, Cambodia, India, China, Belize, Hungary, Peru, Bolivia and Costa Rica.

Cruises on the third navigable Channel of the world

Daniel Georgescu, general manager of the National Company of Administration of Navigable Channels announced the launching, starting with this summer, of the first internal cruise program on Danube – Black Sea Channel. It will be organised in partnership with the County Council and Town Hall of Constanţa, respectively with the Association for the Promotion and Development of the Tourism Seacoast – Danube Delta.
The cruises will last one day. They will leave from the port of Mamaia, with an intermediary embarking call in the Port of Tomis entering the channel by Agigea Gate. The touristic program includes as well one meal with a taste of wines at Murfatlar Wine Cellar, the most attractive vinicultural objective from Dobrogea for foreign tourists. According to the current data, the cruises will be performed with the passenger vessel Kaptan M, having a capacity of 148 persons, two bridges, on the upper one existing a promenade, dance platform, area for deck chairs etc.
The construction of Danube – Black Sea Channel started in 1975 and lasted 8 years, being officially inaugurated on May 26th 1984. With an overall length of 95.6 kilometres, it is the third navigable channel in the world, after Suez and Panama, with a maximum transportation capacity of 80 -100 million tones of goods.

About Traveller Magazin

REVISTA TRAVELLER MAGAZIN MARIAN CONSTANTINESCU – Redactor Şef Marian Constantinescu s-a născut pe 24 aprilie 1953, în Bucureşti. Absolvent al Liceului “Aurel Vlaicu” (1972). Licenţiat în ziaristică. A lucrat la Agerpres, Tineretul Liber, Curierul Naţional, Ziua, ocupând poziţii de la redactor, şef departament, redactor şef până la director de promovare. A publicat poezie, proză, comentarii literare, în revistele: România Literară, Luceafărul, Contemporanul, Convorbiri Literare, Cronica, Vatra, Săptămâna, Flacăra, Suplimentul literar artistic al Scânteii Tineretului etc.
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