The 13th edition of VINVEST, ENGLISH VERSION nr. 146

The city of Timisoara in western Romania hosted at the end of April the 13th edition of The International Wine Exhibition VINVEST and the 11th edition of the Wine and Alcoholic Beverages National Contest. 30 wine producers from 6 countries (Romania, Republic of Moldova, Serbia, Hungary, Germany, Portugal and Italy), hundreds of specialists and 58 media partners gathered in Timisoara to celebrate amazing wines. There have been presented 122 wines and many of them were awarded: 24 gold medals, 13 silver, and 3 Grand Gold Medals (for white wine – Buduresca Cellars with Sauvignon Blanc Premium 2015; rose wine – Hermeziu Cellars, Cabernet Sauvignon Rose 2015 and red wine – Vincon România for Pinot Noir 2015).

Wine lovers where able to meet wine passionates that invested in the industry such as: Vasile Lungu from Hermeziu Cellars, Doru Husarciuc from Dealul Dorului Cellars, Eugen Seracin from Sara Domains, Valentin Chelaru with Kelaru Domain, Mariana Gîrniță from Vînju Mare Domains, Ioan Moica with Thesaurus Cellar; Victor Deleanu with Cotnari Wines, Costel Apostol, Tata și fiul Cellar, Ștefan Ionescu with 1000 de Chipuri etc. Among the wines of the last producer named here we remarked a red wine, limited edition (Fetească neagră/Shiraz/Cabernet Franc) ispired by Wild Carpathia series (produced by Charlie Ottley).

Traveller Magazin was one of the media partners of the events in Timisoara.

Sinaia of the elites
Lansare carte Sinaia engl

The city of Sinaia is the most beautiful and elegant out of the historical resorts on Prahova Valley in Romania. Embraced by the Carpathian Mountains and their forests Sinaia is an open air museum boosting with fabulous villas and domains of the 20th century.

The recently published book of the architect Dan Manea “Sinaia, City of Elites” (in Romanian only for the time being) talks about the 300 years of history of the resort. Thousands of documents and unique pictures bring in front of the reader the beauty of the places, telling the story of the Romanian Royal Family and the smooth passing by of the history and time.

The book is in the same time an album and it is the most complete work about Sinaia, being printed by Princeps Publishing. “Sinaia, City of Elites” was launched at the Sinaia Casino and at the History Museum of Bucharest, the events being organized by Bluemaster.

The Pirates took Bicaz Hotel
Hotel Bicaz engl

Starting this month Bicaz Hotel, in the Romanian Mamaia Resort at the Black Sea, became the first themed property on the Romanian seaside. The interior design and the uniforms of the employees have been inspired by the movie Pirates of the Caribbean”. Each room has a big painting inspired by the theme and the new name of the property is „Pirates Resort Bicaz”.

The brothers Dan and Cătălin Alexandrescu sold last summer, for 8 million euros, their business Alex & Comp to Fuchs and Dr. Oetker. A part of the money they reinvested in tourism, buying with 5 million euros the Bicaz hotel in Mamaia. To renovate and decorate other 1 million euros went in. The hotel upgraded from 2 to 3 stars, offers 158 rooms and 8 apartments and has a total capacity of 300 guests.

6 embassadors for Băile Herculane
Ambasadori Herculane engl

At the Afrodita hotel in Băile Herculane took place the 5th edition of the national conference „Băile Herculane – more than water”. Herculane, dating back to the time of the Romans, is one of the oldest Romanian thermal and spa resorts, located in the Carpathian Mountains. The event was organized by Pro Turism Herculane association and gathered over 150 guests from Romania and Republic of Moldova. The most important moment of the event was the awarding of several personalities, that dedicated time and passion to contribute at the renaissance of the resort, with the title of Ambassador of Băile Herculane. The distinction went to (from left to right): Petre Dordea – manager of, Florin Arjocu – blogger and tour guide, Marian Constantinescu – well known travel writer and editor of Traveller Magazin, Traian Bădulescu – travel-consultant and blogger, George Vasiliu – blogger and tour guide, and Ana-Maria Amzulescu – honorary president of Pro Turism and editor at #loveherculane.

BLUE AIR – 3 new connections
Blue Racaru engl 1

The Romanian smart flying company announced the opening of three new internal routes: Iași, Cluj-Napoca (starting June) and Timisoara (from October 1st). The flights will be operated with Boeing 737. Taking this in account the Timișoara airport becomes the 7th one in Romania connected by Blue Air. News is that the company will increase to 6 a week the flights from Bucharest to Cluj and back.

The expansion of the company, shortly after introducing the flights to Iasi, Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara, is a part of the development strategy of Blue Air. On the internal routes we generated extra traffic, mainly due to the excellent transportation conditions but also due to the very accessible fares. This aspect is easy noticeable if analyzing the performances of direct competitors, which remained excellent. We live in the speed era, everyone wishes to make 400-500 km in the shortest time.” – said Gheorghe Răcaru, General Director of Blue Air.

New director at Arsenal Park

The Arsenal Park in Orastie has over 90 ha and is an investment of the brothers Marius and Emil Cristescu. The complex has now a new general director: Gabriel Predescu. Born in 1981 Predescu started his career in Cluj, at Rimini hotel, making his way from waiter up to general director. He then moved to run the four stars Athos hotel in Cluj, to then change to be the head of the F&B department of the Caro Hotel in Bucharest. From here he left to USA to manage the Food&Beverage of Island Country Club, then to Sheraton Club de Pins Alger, before returning with all this experience back to Romania.

About Traveller Magazin

REVISTA TRAVELLER MAGAZIN MARIAN CONSTANTINESCU – Redactor Şef Marian Constantinescu s-a născut pe 24 aprilie 1953, în Bucureşti. Absolvent al Liceului “Aurel Vlaicu” (1972). Licenţiat în ziaristică. A lucrat la Agerpres, Tineretul Liber, Curierul Naţional, Ziua, ocupând poziţii de la redactor, şef departament, redactor şef până la director de promovare. A publicat poezie, proză, comentarii literare, în revistele: România Literară, Luceafărul, Contemporanul, Convorbiri Literare, Cronica, Vatra, Săptămâna, Flacăra, Suplimentul literar artistic al Scânteii Tineretului etc.
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